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Located on Harlem Avenue in the center of southwest suburbs of Illinois, Fattoush Restaurant thrives to be the go-to choice for fulfilling your Middle Eastern food cravings. Since undergoing new ownership and management in January 2015, the owners of Fattoush have taken major steps to ensure that our clientele, new and old, will have no doubt that our warm, family oriented atmosphere will guarantee a dining experience that will keep you coming back.

At Fattoush, our head chef, Ibrahim Issa, ensures that every meal we serve is prepared fresh, from scratch, every day. We offer only the finest qualities of meats, fresh fruits and vegetables. Our high quality, all natural ingredients are the reason for the enduring success of Fattoush.

Start your morning off right with a fresh, healthy breakfast. At Fattoush, our breakfast menu includes hummus, foul and our signature falafel musabaha. We serve only fresh fruits and vegetables with our other breakfast choices that include fettet humus, labaneh, odsia, majdoos, eggs, Syrian cheese and foul. If a meaty skillet is what you are looking for, try our varieties of tomatoes and meat, or various egg style breakfast choices that include your choice of potatoes, meats, onions or liver.

For lunch, Fattoush offers only the best choices. We have a traditional meal special served fresh, every day of the week that will serve as a constant reminder of the rich, Middle Eastern culture.

Our meat lovers can enjoy a variety of our mixed grill samplers, our meat and poultry is halal. Whether you have a taste for our original, Fattoush Mix Grill sampler which includes juicy, skewers of your choice of kufta, chicken or lamb kabobs, along with tomatoes, onions and peppers, all of which is prepared on a classic, wood-burning grill, served on a bed of rice, or filet mignon, prepared to your liking, Fattoush will guarantee to please your appetite.

We also offer lamb chops, shish kabob plates, kufta kabobs, chicken tawook and chicken tikka, as well as our Fattoush-original shawarma plate.

Added new to the menu of Fattoush, our seafood creations are also prepared fresh from the sea, to your plate. We offer a variety of fresh fish including tilapia, red snapper, salmon, crab legs and shrimp. All our platters are served with soup, salad, red and dill rice, pickles, olives and your choice of hummus, baba ghannou or muthawma.

We offer a variety of vegetarian dishes that include the Fattoush Veggie Plate, which features hummus, baba ghannou or muthawma. And a side of the traditional, Middle Eastern classic, falafel. We also serve stuffed grape leaves, baked arayes served with your choice of cheese, meat, or a combination of both.

We welcome you to come by for our Fattoush Friday buffet, which takes place every Friday from noon until 7 p.m. For only $15.99, come in for an all you can eat experience which features traditional, Middle Eastern dishes such as mansaf, ozzie, miskhan, masareen and grape leaves.

At Fattoush, we offer a variety of mixed drinks and fruit smoothies, only using fresh, organic fruits and vegetables such as mango, orange, pineapple, apple, carrot, strawberry, lemonade, all freshly-squeezed and worth a try. Our delicious choices include strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, mango, caramel, coffee, frapachinno and mocha.

Our smoothies and cocktails are not just your average drinks. Each one is designed and created with style, using various specialty technique that you might want to capture in a photo before savoring it. So not only are they fresh and healthy, they are designed for an eye-catching appeal!

And you cannot forget the desserts. Try our traditional, homestyle kunafa, laylee Lebnon, warbat, helbeh, rice pudding. And if you are looking for a more westernized dessert, we offer ice cream, cheese cake, chocolate cake and a variety of ice cream flavors, as well as fruit salad.

All our meals are prepared using generations of Middle Eastern recipes that offer a taste of the homeland, served directly to you.

If you are looking for a relaxing atmosphere, we invite you to come take advantage of our completely remodeled hookah lounge. We offer over 100 flavors of hookah, including the newest mixed fruit choices. We have added numerous flat screen televisions for your entertainment. So whether you are looking to tune in to the latest sports event, or just a peaceful experience with the sample of our various hookah samples, Fattoush is the place to be.

If you are looking to house your special event, please check out our private banquet room, which holds up to 200 guests.

Reservations are always recommended for large parties. Please give us a call and we will have your section customized for your guests prior to your event.

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